Hereby we present several of our references.
It is reason to be proud as well as continuously work on improving the quality and safety of our playgrounds.

Community Office in Pyrzyce



 Pl. Ratuszowy 1
74-200 Pyrzyce

“We are pleased to say that order was made within the time with reasonable accuracy and professionalizm.”

Mayor of Pyrzyce
Kazimierz Lipiński


Local government in Kluczbork


Ul. Katowicka 1
46-200 Kluczbork

Employees provide a professional customer service trough highly qualified management and well prepared workers engaged in equipment installation.”

Head of environment and forestry office
 Bożena Stempel




Community Office In Pietrowice Wielkie


Ul. Szkolna 5
47-480 Pietrowice Wielkie

“At the request of the Orderer the Company has completed the task earlier than conctractual terms. We recommend Inter-Flora as a reliable contracor in the area of artificial surface and the supply and playground equipment installation.”

Head of Community Office
Andrzej Wawrzynek



Housing Association in Lubartów



Ul. Cicha 8
21-100 Lubartów

“The scope of work was made without complications in a organized and efficient way. Cooperation was based on understanding and full respect of both sides.”

Chairman of the Board
Jacek Tomasiak



Community Office in Stoczek Łukowski



Pl. T.Kościuszki 1
20-450 Stoczek Łukowski

“Inter-Flora has adequate own equipment and experience which allows a full protection of the work performed. We highly appreciate current cooperation with Inter-Flora and honestly recommend it to other Investors.”

Head of Community Office
Marek Czub



Construction Company “Maxbud”



Ul. Bystrzycka 89
54-215 Wrocław

“The order was done timely, professionally and with due dilligence. Inter-Flora demonstrated professionalism and wide range of technical knowledge about the project.”

Chairman of the Board
Bogdan Kędziora



Community Office in Regmin



06-461 Regimin

“Inter-Flora is reliable Contractor of the playgrounds, running appropriately  and efficiently. We can recommend this company to all Investors looking for a loyal Contractor.”

Head of Community Office
Lech Zduńczyk




Mayor of Brzeg



Ul. Robotnicza 12
49-300 Brzeg 

“Scope of work was done timely,accurately, according to the safe&safety rules as well as  in agreement with the construction project.”

Mayor of Brzeg
Wojciech Huczyński



Real Estate Management Company in Zgorzelec



Ul. Daszyńskiego 75
59-900 Zgorzelec

“Inter-Flora provides services at a very high level. It is reliable and trustworthy business partner.”

Barbara Włodarczyk